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Support Conservation Organisations Protecting and Restoring
the UK's Traditional Fruit and Nut Orchards


The Orchard Project 

The Orchard Project is the only national charity dedicated to the creation, restoration and celebration of community orchards.

Traditional orchards have been disappearing at an alarming rate in recent decades. Around 80% of traditional orchards in England and Wales have been destroyed since the 1900s

The Orchard Project team have extensive experience of restoring and saving veteran orchards,  Since 2010 they have been working in partnership with a number of local authorities and landowners to preserve orchards on their land.

Kent Orchads for Everyone

The Kent Orchards for Everyone project recognises the huge cultural and wildlife losses which will occur if traditional orchards are allowed to disappear. Through extensive consultation with communities living in close proximity to traditional orchards.


15 community orchards have been prioritised for support and for communities to actively participate in conserving and celebrating the heritage of our orchards. It will provide them with the skills to contribute to the long term care and provide a legacy for some of the last remaining traditional orchards ensuring they are conserved and sustained for future generations.

People's Trust for Endangered Species

PTES is a conservation charity, founded in 1977, working mostly in the UK, but also internationally to protect animals and their habitats.


The habitats they seek to protect include, traditional orchards, wood pastures and hedgerows.


Since 2007 the PTES orchards team, with the help of over 700 volunteers and nearly 1500 orchard owners, has identified over 35,000 individual orchards in England and over 7,000 in Wales. They also operate the UK Orchard Network i-  partnership of organisations throughout the British Isles, working together to actively promote the conservation of orchard fruit and nut trees

Colwall Orchard Group

Orchards form an important part of the landscape within and surrounding the village of Colwall, in Herefordshire, which was a productive centre for the growing, harvesting and processing of fruit.

COG exists to restore, They by:


- Practical management of new and veteran orchards.

- Regular social events and orchard-related activities.

- Training and educational sessions.

- Processing and selling our orchard produce;

- Providing consultancy services.

- Researching our local orchard heritage.

Orchard Link

Orchard Link is a south Devon volunteer run, not for profit organisation set up in 1998 by a group of apple and cider enthusiasts concerned about the rapid decline of traditional orchards in the area. Their aims are:

  • the restoration and extension of orchards by providing technical advice and support to tree owners 

  • the conservation of traditional local fruit varieties

  • the productive use of fruit crops f

  • the exchange of knowledge, skills and expertise

  • community involvement in orchard management, heritage and traditions.

East of England Apples and Orchards Project

EEAOP is a registered charity and membership organisation based in Norfolk.. We promote the planting of local orchard fruit varieties and the preservation of orchards in the east of England. The region’s heritage includes around 270 varieties of apple, pear, plum and cherry and their orchard habitat.

EEAOP works in an advisory and educational role, promoting the planting of local orchard fruit varieties and the preservation of orchards in the east of England. We also provide training in orchard skills, a fruit identification service, undertake research into the region’s orchards and fruits and produce local variety fruit trees for sale. 

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