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Current Petitions to Protect and Grow UK Woodland and Tree Cover 

Stop the Chop of 15 Mature Trees for a Car Park in Portaferry, Northern Ireland

Lily Devlin

Residents of Portaferry oppose plans to fell 14 mature trees for extra parking along the Ropewalk area of Portaferry leading to an ancient woodland. It will involve the destruction of a copse with a small meadow and create a hard edge at the entrance to the beautiful Nugent’s Wood Trail and in other areas a single old tree is to be chopped to make way for one extra parking place!


The scheme is part of a wider regeneration plan for Portaferry, a little village on the tip of the Ards Peninsula in Northern Ireland and a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Special Scientific Interest. The site for the new car park is also an area of Archaeological Potential and listed on the register of Historic Demesnes and Parks but despite all these designations the Council have not even applied for planning permission for the car park but have pushed ahead under ‘permitted development’.

Local residents welcome new investment, but are furious that no appropriate consultation took place.  The trees are located in a conservation area and all benefit from the protection of a tree preservation order (TPO).

We are calling for the Council to re-design the scheme and make the area part of the Nature Recovery Network - the government’s 25-year Environment Recovery Plan. The copse is a habitat for Red Squirrels, Pine Marten, numerous woodland birds and foraging bats. 


We would appreciate your support for this campaign.

Save 600 Year Old Oak Tree from being felled in Bretton, Peterborough

Richard Elmer

Situated on a public lane in Ringwood, Bretton, is an ancient Oak Tree which is one of the last standing Oaks from the original Grimshaw Woods dating back to the 14th century.

This tree has a protection order on it and is on the Ancient Trees Register. It is estimated that the tree could be 600 years old which makes it one of the oldest  trees in Bretton. 

On 28th June 2021, Peterborough City Council sent a contractor to fell the tree.  I pointed out to the workers that the tree had a Tree Protection Order on it. The contractors told me that the council had given permission to fell the tree.  I objected and managed to stop the work by standing under the tree.  A man from the council came out and spoke to me.  He agreed with me that the tree was healthy and was posing no immediate threat or danger to anyone or indeed the houses behind it.  The council had permission to fell the tree as a precaution.  The Council's insurance company are concerned that the council may be held responsible for any root damage caused to the house/s in the road, Barnards way.

I am asking you please to join this petition to stop Peterborough City Council from felling this tree and continuing to destroy our environment.

Stop the destruction of 67 oak and 3 beech trees on Oakdown Farm warehouse site.

Christine Northam

Approval was given on 7th April 2021 for the building of a possible Amazon warehouse on J7M3. According to the Council’s Planning Dept., this will mean the felling of an avenue of 67 oak and 3 mature beech trees.

These trees line the old road into the village of Dummer, meaning they are of historical significance. They also are the home of up to 2,500 different species of wildlife. 


Up to 1,750 houses are being built right next to the warehouse site. They are all to be fitted with gas boilers which will pollute the air further. The oak trees and others on the site combat CO2 and NO2 gasses from existing motorway traffic, but if the warehouse is built, the trees won’t be there to act as lungs for the extra 1,600 daily HGV movements emanating from the warehouse. Trees help to reduce pollution.

Basingstoke Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019 and is committed to a net zero carbon borough by 2030. We need to stop the destruction of these valuable trees.

Sign this petition to show your support. 

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